Frequently Asked Questions


Free outside the track

Honda Fest: $ 5 more on the track (Limited quantity for Honda or Acura only)


Can I get in with my car?

Yes, please understand that the track is an exhibition area.

If you do not want to expose your vehicle, park outside.

Only Honda and Acura are allowed on the track at the Honda Fest.

Other events are open to all


Can I run?

Yes in the schedule we have time for free essays open to all.


In case of rain?

Depending on the temperature, the schedule may change. The Facebook page of the event is the best place to miss any changes.



Free. Please respect the place the Autdrome is generous enough to leave us free



Small fire allowed until 1:00 am A.M. ** S.V.P. respect the site and pick up **


Radio / D.J.

98.1 fm


Are dogs allowed on the site?

Little dog in arms accepted. The Autodrome is not necessarily the best place to bring your dog.


Muffler Muffler

All cars must have silencers



We have a parking for motorcycles

* Allowed to race during free practice before 17:00, Have gloves, shoes, etc.



Lunch boxes are allowed.


Alcohol: ** PROHIBITED ** alcohol from outside prohibited, on-site sales.


Speed ​​on the site 10 km / h in the exhibition areas


Payment method:

Cash, debit and credit accepted


Where to buy tickets?

Some events online, if not on site


Children 12 years and free month // All our events are family. Every child must be accompanied by an adult


Forbidden items:

Alcohol, fireworks, weapons (baseball bat, golf, etc.), drones.



11:00 for vehicles. 1h00am for camping and music